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Tough Mudder - Belvoir Castle 14th May 2016

Advantage Fitness joined thousands for Tough Mudder's at the Half – Midlands on May 14th 2016. Tough Mudder had a brand new home for 2016 The majestic 16,000 acres of the Belvoir Estate will take your breath away in more ways than one. Unlike the Midlands of old, Belvoir Castle promises many hills in addition to woodlands, water and, yes, tons and tons of mud. And what a fantastic event it was, we joined various ages and abilities all tackling the 5 Miles & 14+ obstacles, all working together to cross the finishing line.

Tough Mudder - Belvoir Castle 14th May 2016

Obstacles included ‘Swamp Stomp’- which saw participants wading and climbing in and out of various pits of mud and water, ‘Blockness Monster’ –  teamwork was essential for this one which required us to rotate each other over the 3 large rectanglar blocks in water. 

Entering these fun team events is a great way to give yourself a goal and time frame to improve your Fitness, make new friends and make better choices in relation to your lifestyle.

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