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Pre Natal Training

The body goes through many changes during a pregnancy and it used to be thought that any form of exercise during pregnancy was considered to be taboo.

Expectant mothers can gain the following benefits through exercise participation

Improved circulation reduced swelling, reduced leg cramps, enhanced muscular balance, and eased gastrointestinal discomforts (helps constipation), reduced weight gain and fat accumulation.

Women who exercise regularly through pregnancy also seem to maintain a better self image and are generally more positive about themselves, their pregnancies and their labour.

I will use safe non weight baring exercises to help with the above and I will work closely with you to ensure everything you do is practical and safe for you and your baby.

When it comes to judging exercise intensity all women will be encouraged ‘to listen to their bodies’.

Post Natal Training

The post natal period is often a difficult time in terms of maintaining a commitment to exercise; getting to know your baby and how to care for it is a rewarding experience. The danger is that the woman will leave herself no personal time in which to exercise, I as your trainer will make you fully aware of the many benefits of post natal exercise and make sure that everything you do is safe.

From six weeks after the baby is born our three main goals will be to get a return to pre-pregnancy weight, get a improvement in abdominal tone, and an improved body image. Some of the other benefits of postnatal exercise include: Improved posture, increased metabolic rate, increased muscular endurance, more energy, stamina and Improved self-confidence.

We will use specific pelvic floor exercises to help strengthen the muscles that weaken after pregnancy.