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Schools Personal Fitness Training and Tennis Coaching

Schools Personal Fitness Training and Tennis CoachingWith all the current government and media concerns about young people’s health, weight and general fitness, I developed Advantage Fitness, a specialist Personal Training Service within schools. This was formed to help motivate children and young adults in keeping active and advising them on the importance of exercise.

Many P.E teachers might agree that it is not always easy to persuade work conscious students to get the exercise they need from traditional P.E sessions. For this reason more schools are offering Personal Training either for individuals or small groups as an extra curricular activity or to complement existing sports arrangements. We help educate pupils in a variety of other aspects, this includes building confidence in a fun and safe environment, developing social skills and helping to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Personal Training is particularly attractive to older students because it treats them as individuals, requires no specific skills, takes up only 40mins to an hour and can be followed up in personal time. Moreover one or both of their parents may take part in similar training or belong to a gym so they are invariably supportive of an activity to which they can relate.  We can offer personal fitness training to pupils of all ages and abilities.  Personal Training is the easiest extra curricular programme to make avaliable for pupils, the main elements being as follows:

Rooming and equipment – A small indoor area is helpful in poor weather and we will provide all equipment

Timetabling – We would arrange to be on site at a convenient time for the school and for an agreed period of time depending on the number of sessions/slots required.

Administration – With the permission of a parent and the school, a parent completes an application form and the pupil is allocated a time slot for the term. 

Fees – These can be settled directly between us and the parents or with the school, whichever the school wishes.



"Kate offers personal fitness training for the older students at Woldingham. She can work with individuals or small groups. her clients have a diverse set of training and fitness needs – from first team sportswomen to students that want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, tone up and/or lose weight. Her sessions are popular and the girls are committed and excited about their programmes.
Kate conducts all the fitness room inductions for the staff at Woldingham which she does thoroughly and professionally."

Jen Tower - Head of PE - Woldingham School