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"I contacted Kate after having had a series of calf and ankle injuries in my first two years of playing club tennis.  I wanted a personal trainer who ideally had a tennis background who could work with me on injury prevention.  Kate worked with me to firstly help rehabilitate my calf injury and we then progressed to working on improving my core strength, flexibility and balance.  She also introduced some footwork drills to improve my skill, agility and coordination on the tennis court.  Kate is exceptionally professional-she always came to our sessions with a pre planned, varied exercise routine which was a progression from the previous session.  Kate also has a high level of technical knowledge and she used this to guide me through every exercise to ensure I was doing the exercises correctly.  To further reduce my risk of re-injury on the tennis court, Kate taught me the importance of warming up and stretching before going onto the tennis court and cooling down and stretching after a match.  I have followed this advice and my exercise routines for a year now and have been injury free.  Although my original objectives were tennis related I have also lost weight and toned up which was a nice bonus!"


"A highly experienced and motivating personal trainer, Kate will encourage you to exert your abilities and meet your goals. She gives great advice on health and wellbeing and has helped me maintain a healthier lifestyle. Kate’s mixed agenda of exercise brings both physical and mental benefits and a noticeable improvement in fitness! Would recommend training to people of all ages, and to anyone interested in losing weight, improving strength and fitness, or just trying a new form of exercise".  


"Kate helped me to get 'buzzed' up about exercising and improving my fitness again. Training sessions were varied and challenging according to my own personal ability which was great. Each session left me feeling psychologically good and ready for the next one. Physical improvements could be seen from one week to the next. I thoroughly enjoyed my training sessions with Kate and would highly recommend her". 


"Kate offers personal fitness training for the older students at Woldingham. She can work with individuals or small groups. her clients have a diverse set of training and fitness needs – from first team sportswomen to students that want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, tone up and/or lose weight. Her sessions are popular and the girls are committed and excited about their programmes. Kate conducts all the fitness room inductions for the staff at Woldingham which she does thoroughly and professionally."   Jen Tower - Head of PE - Woldingham School