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Why exercise is good for Kids

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Why exercise is good for Kids

As kids spend more time watching TV, they spend less time running and playing. Parents should limit TV, and computer time. We can set a good example by being active ourselves. Exercising together can be fun for everyone.

Promoting good physical activity habits early in life help encourage families to engage in regular physical activity.

The benefits of being active for young children include:

   -     Promotes healthy growth and development

   -     Helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

   -     Builds strong bones and muscles

   -     Improves cardiovascular fitness

   -     Improves balance, coordination and strength

   -     Maintains and develops flexibility

   -     Improves posture

   -     Provides the opportunity to develop fundamental coordination and movement skills

   -     Helps to establish connections between different parts of the brain

   -     Improves concentration and thinking skills

   -     Increases confidence and self-esteem

   -     Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

   -     Provides opportunities to develop social skills and make friends

   -     Improves quantity and quality of sleep

   -     Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and creates a better overall mood

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