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10 Reasons To Exercise Even If You're Not Losing Weight

There are many benefits to be had from exercise, ASIDE from weight loss

10 Reasons To Exercise Even If You're Not Losing Weight

#1. Natural anti-depressant – exercise lifts your mood quickly
#2. Bone density – your bones will be stronger
#3. Strength – you will have stronger arms and leg muslces
#4. Fitness – everyday tasks and activities will become easier
#5. Balance – you will have the balance of a cat
#6. Brain & central nervous system – is stimulated and kept healthy
#7. Lungs – are detoxified with all the heavy breathing
#8. Blood, organs and tissues – are Oxygenated and nourished
#9. Natural Anti-histamine – is released, helping keep allergies at bay
#10. Sleep – is longer and deeper

The thing with exercise, and why many people don't bother, is that that gyms can be intimidating and it's easy to end up wasting your time doing the wrong stuff. Clients have told me how they used to go to the gym, their session would involve doing the same exercises and using the same machines, slogging their guts out 3 times a week to get nowhere

That's soul destroying

Plus, it's easy to hurt yourself 

My training programme for the over 50's will get you feeling fitter quicker, without injuring yourself, without struggling and without being "looked at" and feeling intimidated 

It's a simple programme that just requires some hard work and consistancy from you, if you can do that, then I can help you

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