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Schools Personal Fitness Training

Schools Personal Fitness TrainingWe offer Personal Fitness Training for pupils ages 12 – 18yrs.  Advantage Fitness first started offering Fitness Training in Schools in 2006 as an extracurricular activity and it proved very popular, not just because of media concern about the health of young people, but because it is a very efficient and enjoyable way of keeping fit requiring no special skills, and being tailored to individual goals and physical ability.

We use a style of training that will keep children’s interest high, encourage children and young adults on how to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  We have vast experience and knowledge in a variety of exercise routines.  The workouts are personalised and can improve performance in specific area of sport/disciplines.  The training sessions use a variety of equipment and can be taken indoors and outdoors without the use of a gym.  We offer training sessions to groups and one to ones.

Particular benefits include improving stamina and general physical condition and well being, furthering excellence in sport and reducing the likelihood of injury; it can also help appearance by toning the body, and can be part of a sensible approach to shedding a few pounds when combined with sensible eating habits.

Personal Training is an excellent way of educating pupils in Exercise, Nutrition and maintaining a healthy well balanced Lifestyle.